As SHAILESH PLASTICS, the company takes pride in its work by using the latest and updated technology available.

Since its start of operation up to this day SHAILESH PLASTICS have been providing rubber components/items to various clients, serving the clients according to their needs.

We believe that we'll be able to compete globally in the near future since it is the company's vision to become a highly respected fabricator and producer of various rubber components/items.

The company assures its clients of their satisfaction by addressing their needs and requirements in a timely manner. At its early stage, Shailesh Plastics are trying best to capture market requirement for Automotive, Appliances, Electronics, and Solar because of its COMMITMENT IN TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. In this regard, it is thus projected, that it won't take too long for Shailesh Plastics to rise into prominence and gain the stature as one of the most reliable and prestigious player in the manufacturing industry.

An open communication policy is practiced throughout the company wherein the personnel are encouraged to air their problems and resolve them at the earliest possible time. At the early stage of Shailesh Plastics production is strongly determined to lead in this industry by its new management style and system of operation. Its simple organized structure, office procedures, and policies reflect a new enterprising industry. But still concerned on work volume capacity and efficiency, we have already reached a level of about 5 to 6 tons per month with zero accident reported.


We ``Shailesh Plastics`` looks forward to expand its customer base by understanding their needs, and providing them with appropriate solutions in the form of rubber products of the highest quality.

For this, Shailesh Plastics has laid strong emphasis on training its staff with high standards of service, maintaining transparency in customer expectations by adhering to its design expectations and excellent production standards, minimizing instances of recurring complaints and timely deliveries.


To be the leader in quality products by meeting the requirements of national and international clients too, keeping in mind today's competitive pricing, technology and customer's requirements.